High Quality Henna Cones (Made in Sydney) $5 each


High Quality Fresh Henna cones for regular use.


Made in Sydney


The content (Henna paste) of one cone can be applied over 5-10 palms either on front of back of the palm, and fingers, it depends on how complex is the design.
After application it takes around 45 minutes to dry and print the skin, longer you leave it on the skin better the colour.
Once the surface dries the henna will start to flake off and leave a pale orange print on the skin
Next day the colour will start getting intense and darker and eventually it will be dark brown.
The impression (colour) will fade in  up to 7 - 10 days after application day.
The Henna paste in the cone is high quality made of 100% herbal and natural henna leaves.
However we recommend you to try a tiny spot on your body to check if you are allergic to it. There can be one in hundred case that can cause allergy. Or you may consult a skin specialist doctor for more information if you are allowed to use it on your skin.


    High Quality Fresh Henna cones for regular use.

    Made in Sydney.



    No Return or Refund

  • Shipping Cost.

    There will be Additional Shipping cost.

    Shipment will be sent via Australian Post and you will pay for in cash for the the shipping. Tentative cost will be close to $7 to $10 per 100 grams (when packed 3-4 cones with packing)

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